employment planning

The planning of employment (including the creation of new posts, filling vacant posts) aimed to maintain optimum level and structure of employment, with a view to ensuring proper and efficient fulfilment of all tasks, shall take place at the level of the individual UW organisational units (faculties and other primary, general university and inter-faculty organisational units of the University of Warsaw).

The basic component of employment planning is the process of planning the obligatory teaching hours which takes place in faculties/other organisational units. This process involves determining and assigning teaching hours to academic staff members for a given academic year. The primary objective is to ensure that all didactic duties are fulfilled and human resources used to the optimum.

The faculty deans / heads of the other organisational units pursue the personal policy of a given faculty / other units, i.e.

  • they present the Rector with requests for consent to the announcement of a competition for the position of an academic staff member;
  • they announce the competitions for the positions of academic staff members (except for the position of full professor (profesor zwyczajny));
  • the present the Rector with the applications for employment and change in the employment conditions in the positions of academic staff members, as well as apply for the termination of employment relationships with academic staff members.